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Barmix is an automated bartender that enhances the appeal of your business and increases your profits.
It is an opportunity to expand your offer and increase your earnings.

Barmix Optimale

Best for the wedding and events industry

Barmix Express

Ideal for the HoReCa sector

About us

Drinks with a teacher? Well, that's a significant part of my story and the Barmix story, but let's start from the beginning… The inspiration to create the automatic bartender Barmix was my university lecturer. No, no! I didn't go to the academic pub with him. The teacher proposed creating a simple-to-use drink machine that would prepare high-quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The idea electrified and captivated me incredibly. It was not only an interesting challenge for me, but it also became a chance to create a business and do in life what interests me most – giving people reasons to smile.

So I set to work and took small steps forward. Eventually, I created Barmix, which became my diploma work. I presented it before the examiners. Right after the presentation, the first customers approached me. Were they lecturers? Maybe I will tell more about this one day.

Unexpectedly, the circle of interested parties began to grow significantly, so I set up a company to be able to work at full speed. Lots of positive customer reviews and numerous collaborations have allowed Barmix to develop and modernize the event and catering industry. Today, we develop and update our models to be more innovative and modern and provide recipients with higher quality.

Sebastian Składny, CEO Barmix