„I didn't think that adding drinks to the menu could be so easy."„

The restaurant "Nad Rudą" was born from the dreams of the owner, Mr. Julian Zieliński, who is a trained educator but always wanted to create a place with delicious homemade cuisine based on seasonal ingredients and Silesian traditions. The restaurant's popularity is aided by the proximity to picturesque cycling routes that pass through Kuźnia Raciborska, making it a destination not only for local residents but also for cycling tourists who arrive in crowds during the season to enjoy tasty dishes before continuing their journey.

It's worth noting that so far, the "Nad Rudą" restaurant has been a three-time winner of the "Orły Gastronomii" competition, each time receiving the "GOLD" award. The opening of "Nad Rudą" took place in March 2017. Since then, the restaurant has been operating dynamically, serving excellent breakfasts, lunches, and dinners throughout the week, as well as hosting larger weekend celebrations such as birthdays. In August 2020, Mr. Julian equipped his establishment with the Barmix Express, which allowed him to expand the range of beverages served. We are talking to Mr. Julian (JZ) about his experiences with the drink mixer.

BX: How did you find out about Barmix?

JZ: Barmix appeared during a meeting of entrepreneurs organized in Racibórz. It immediately caught my attention.

BX: What was your first impression?

JZ: Barmix was a surprise to me, it sparked curiosity and interest. It was the first time I encountered a device that could prepare really good drinks at such a fast pace! It was also surprising that Barmix was designed and created in Poland.


BX: Was the decision to purchase the Barmix easy or difficult?

JZ: The decision to purchase the Barmix was not difficult. I knew that such an innovative device was worth having in my establishment.

BX: What prompted you to make the purchase?

JZ: The desire to expand my establishment, to broaden its offerings with things and services that customers wouldn't find at the competition, primarily prompted me to make the purchase. Undoubtedly, Barmix made us stand out from other venues. Another reason for purchasing the Barmix was to enhance the efficiency of work in my restaurant, and serving drinks at an express pace was exactly what it allowed. Additionally, the business advisor with whom I discussed the Barmix purchase offer was very knowledgeable. I received answers to the questions that arose after reviewing the offer, both those related to formalities and technical aspects of operation and device maintenance.

BX: What were your biggest concerns?

JZ: Essentially, after speaking with the business advisor, my minor concerns related to technical matters were dispelled. The comprehensive training provided by Barmix allows one to become familiar with the device and realize that its operation is incredibly simple.

BX: What challenges did you encounter in implementing Barmix in your business?

JZ: No challenges arose. The staff at my restaurant quickly grasped the operation principles of the Barmix, and the guests were intrigued by the new acquisition.

BX: Was our company's team helpful?

JZ: The company's team was always ready to provide advice, in any situation where issues arose that I needed to inquire about again. They were and still are open to engaging with customers, always making time for them.

BX: How do you assess the Barmix purchase from a hindsight perspective?

JZ: The purchase of Barmix was simply a good investment, which allowed my establishment to thrive despite the ongoing pandemic.

BX: What do you do better or differently with Barmix?

JZ: The offering at my restaurant is now significantly more attractive. Regular customers are more inclined to revisit, and there's also an influx of new customers who weren't familiar with Barmix before and are eager to try drinks served by the automatic bartender.

BX: What are the financial effects: profits, savings?

JZ: Certainly, there have been savings in terms of the amount of juices, syrups, and alcohols used. There's no risk of a bartender/waiter pouring too much of a particular ingredient, nothing spills, and the drinks always have the right proportions. A Sex on the Beach and other cocktails consistently taste just as good. In terms of profit, as I mentioned earlier, the restaurant has gained the appreciation of customers who visit us more often, and new guests are also coming in.

BX: Julian, thank you very much for providing your answers, and we wish you continued success and well-judged investments.

JZ: Thank you.

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