Automatic Bartender - what is it and how does it work?

Automatyczny barman - co to jest i jak to działa

Prepare a tall glass. Remember to put in ice cubes. Now pour in 40 ml of vodka, then 20 ml of peach schnapps. Don't forget about 40 ml of orange and cranberry juice either… Or just choose the drink number and that's it! Ready! Preparing a Sex On The Beach or other cocktail doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. All thanks to the innovative and easy-to-use Barmix device created by an inventive 29-year-old from Silesia, who turned a modest university project into a brilliant business plan.

Sex on the beach
Sex on the beach

Working in the hospitality industry is not the easiest. Waiters are obliged to serve customers, fulfill orders, prepare drinks, and take payments. However, these are just a few of the many duties of bartenders, who are also required to know numerous cocktail recipes. Staff in this industry should remember to choose the right ingredients and the right proportions when serving various drinks. In such conditions, it's easy to make minor slips and mistakes simply due to the sheer volume of duties. Fortunately, Barmix comes to the rescue – an innovative automatic machine supporting the catering and events industry in the process of preparing drinks.

Sebastian Składny

"My supervisor, under whose supervision I wrote my engineering diploma thesis, inspired me to create this type of device," recalls Sebastian Składny, the creator of the invention and founder of the Barmix brand, who saw an extraordinary potential in his lecturer's idea and decided to develop it progressively. The concept was not only an interesting technological challenge, but also a business opportunity to develop the company and a product that is in real demand.

The eager testers of the device were not hard to find, especially since the potential uses of the machine perfectly met the needs of a specific group of customers. These are the events industry (weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, and other special events), the HoReCa sector, and broadly understood gastronomy, which includes bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs, and discos. It is the employees and owners of such places who are the main beneficiaries of the invention, whose great advantages are ease and convenience of use.

How Barmix works and where it proves useful

The operation of Barmix is based on programmed recipes and built-in containers at the back, from which the liquids needed to create a drink are drawn. To prepare it, you only need to perform two actions: place a glass with ice under the device and select the correct number from the menu on the panel. After that, the cocktail will be ready in just five seconds, and the bartender can spend the remaining time on his artistic talents, creatively embellishing the drink with straws, umbrellas, or decorative sugar. "The first assumption that guided me during the work on creating Barmix was the desire to support catering waiters while simultaneously reducing the costs that restaurant owners have to bear. The device relieved workers and optimized their time, so they could devote it to other, more demanding duties. Sebastian Składny also argues that in this way, no one has to wait in long queues to get drinks, and waiters can serve even more customers, offering them a rich range of beverages at the same time. My second assumption was that newlyweds, people organizing events often want to diversify the party and surprise their guests. Barmix can help them with this. During weddings, birthdays, or corporate parties, guests can easily use Barmix themselves and prepare their favorite drink.

Barmix drinki

Barmix drinks Can you prepare a drink yourself?

A chosen employee of the place serving drinks can be assigned to operate the machine. However, the invention was also designed with event attendees in mind. That's why Barmix works great at previously mentioned weddings. Thanks to the simple and intuitive software of the automatic bartender, the newlyweds can make the machine available to guests, who can prepare drinks to their own liking.

Barmix Models

Barmix Optimale

Barmix has been designed in two variants. The smaller Express model is designed for small venues, while the larger Optimale version is perfect for large parties and gatherings, where it will be possible to serve a larger number of people. The devices have a total of thirteen professional menus, which in total allow the creation of up to 50 different drinks - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Among the drinks, you can find such classics as Margarita, Blue Lagoon, Sex On The Beach, Vodka Sunrise or Whisky Sour, whose individual layers take on an elegant and colorful form thanks to the specific arrangement of nozzles. However, in addition to them, there are also many other, less known cocktails in the menu. Fans of these types of drinks can taste, for example, Crazy driver, American Fizz, Super Bowl, or Costa Messa.

Barmix Express

In addition, the bartender's work is facilitated by a built-in system that counts the drinks served. In this way, the club owner has full control over the number of drinks sold and can replenish the liquids in the connected containers on an ongoing basis, as well as indicate drinks enjoying the greatest popularity. Waiters can also adjust the alcohol level as needed, thereby setting the strength of shots according to customers' preferences. Additional support is provided by a specially designed cleaning set, which allows for efficient maintenance of the device and quick preparation before serving the next series of drinks. All of this allows for smooth service during various types of events. Conference attendees, business meetings, and even bachelor or bachelorette parties will be served quickly, and if necessary - they will be able to use the machine themselves to create any cocktail they want.

Barmix Financing

With the diverse needs of customers in mind, Sebastian Składny and his team have provided several financing options to those placing orders -, thanks to which each purchaser can take advantage of an individually tailored offer to purchase the device. You can buy Barmix both outright and take it on lease from 399 PLN net per month. In addition, owners of catering businesses can also test the machine in advance at the company's headquarters, which is located in Katowice, or order a special presentation at their own place and learn about its operation and check the quality of the drinks prepared.

The products available at in the form of two versions of machines and accompanying Barmix equipment are just the initial proposition of the brand. Its offer will be progressively developed and enriched with new versions of machines with expanded attributes and possibilities tailored to the individual needs of customers. Will the next implementations and improvements of the automatic bartender also be successful? Positive opinions and admiration of the current users of the device suggest that Sebastian Składny's projects will once again be a bullseye!

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