Customers were initially not convinced

"Customers were initially not convinced." RozhulajTo! - Michał Walczak from Warsaw joined Barmix partners in October 2021. In a short interview, Mr. Michał (MW) told us how he evaluates our cooperation.

BX: How did you find out about Barmix?
MW: In the summer of 2021, I was looking for additional interesting event attractions. I also own a photo booth. During one of the family meetings, my brother mentioned a cocktail machine to me. I was surprised that such a device exists. I had to check out what it looked like. After getting acquainted with the initial offer, I called Sebastian (President of Barmix sp. z o.o.), who invited me to visit the company's stand at the EuroGastro fairs. There I could see the machine live for the first time.

BX: What was your first impression?
MW: Barmix caught my interest immensely - after all, it's quite a technological novelty. I felt that such a modern device could conquer the event market. In contrast to the well-known photo booths or mirror photos, Barmix definitely stands out.

BX: Was the decision to purchase Barmix easy or hard?
MW: The decision to purchase was simple. I knew that Barmix would prove itself and stand out among other attractions.

BX: What prompted you to buy it?
MW: The originality of this extraordinary machine prompted me to buy it. A great event attraction that no one else in my area had.

BX: What were the biggest fears?
MW: The only fears that appeared were related to purely technical issues. But a thorough training convinced me that Barmix is as intuitive as a coffee machine. Its operation and maintenance are not a problem.

BX: What difficulties did you encounter in launching Barmix in your business?
MW: Customers initially, not knowing the device, did not decide on it immediately. However, every party where Barmix appeared brought more customers. So week by week interest grew, and customers were and still are increasing.

BX: Was our company's team helpful?
MW: The complete, energetic and extremely friendly Barmix team supported me at every stage of the purchase, I appreciate the efficient delivery of Barmix to my home and the professional training conducted by a company representative. But it's not the end, I can still count on your help. Especially the Barmix Partner partner network program has become a great business development option for me with Barmix. If there is an issue related to, for example, organizing a stand at a wedding fair, I can always count on Ms. Monika, who is an advisor for the Barmix Partner program.

BX: How do you evaluate the purchase of Barmix in retrospect?
MW: Buying Barmix is a fantastic investment. I can say that it's even somewhat outcompeting my own photo booth! Today, 8/10 inquiries about renting an event attraction are inquiries about Barmix.

BX: What do you do better, differently thanks to Barmix?
MW: My offer of event attractions has expanded and I have reached more customers.

BX: What are the financial effects: profit, savings?
MW: The purchase of Barmix and participation in the partner network allowed me to increase the income from renting event attractions, and I could also stand out with an offer among other companies.

BX: Thank you for the conversation, we wish you further success.
MW: And likewise.

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