"I dream of a free weekend!"

"I dream of a free weekend!" Barmix Lubelskie - Drink Master - Jakub Panasiuk (JP) from Zamość. He joined our customer base in June 2019. We decided to ask him what he thinks about this decision in retrospect.

BX: How did you find out about Barmix?

JP: In the spring of 2019, I was looking for offers of modern event attractions on the Internet. But popular photo booths or LED signs didn't arouse my enthusiasm. Until finally I came across a Barmix advertisement. After initially familiarizing myself with the content of the advertisement, I called the company. Sebastian Składny - the president of Barmix sp. z o.o. - answered. He invited me to participate in the Wedding Fair, which took place in Sandomierz, where I could talk to him in person and see the device with my own eyes. I was not disappointed.

BX: What was your first impression?
JP: First impression? Delight and surprise. Only positive emotions. I immediately imagined how my Barmix is serving delicious drinks to satisfied wedding guests.

BX: Was the decision to purchase Barmix easy or hard?
JP: The decision to buy Barmix was not difficult. The person who presented the offer was reliable and patient - I asked a lot of questions! They devoted as much time as I needed to get detailed information about the device and formal matters.

BX: What prompted you to buy it?
JP: Many people in the area were already owners of photo booths and mirror photos. It's hard to compete with someone who has the same offer. That's why the original device, which is Barmix, allowed me to stand out among other service providers and attract customers.

BX: What were the biggest fears?
JP: A small fear related to the then low popularity of Barmix appeared, which paradoxically was also its advantage. It quickly turned out that customers thirsty for new attractions eagerly chose Barmix for their birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.

BX: What difficulties did you encounter in launching Barmix in your business?
JP: There were no difficulties in introducing Barmix to my offer. The only challenge was the formal procedures related to the leasing process.

BX: Was our company's team helpful?
JP: Constant contact with the Barmix company team was invaluable. I received thorough answers to all my bothering questions.

BX: How do you evaluate the purchase of Barmix in retrospect?
JP: Buying Barmix is mainly an interesting experience - working with a modern device. Barmix also became a way to earn extra income.

BX: What do you do better, differently thanks to Barmix?
JP: Thanks to Barmix, I carry out a really large number of event rentals, and the device in the Zamość area is popular - birthday boys and brides and grooms recommend it to each other.

BX: What are the financial effects: profit, savings?
JP: The purchase of Barmix and later participation in the Barmix Partner partner network allowed me to earn additional income with a small amount of work time. Honestly, there are so many rentals that I dream of a free weekend!

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