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Barmix Express

Barmix Express is an automatic bartender, perfectly suited to the gastronomy industry and the entire HoReCa sector. By using Barmix, owners of restaurants, bars, or clubs can optimize expenses related to bartender services while offering their guests attractive and professional bartender services.

A rich menu, offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as shots, will allow everyone to find something for themselves.

Barmix Express makes the perfect duo with a waiter or bartender, who in a quick, fail-safe and simple way will provide guests with what they expect – real fun and joy.

  • Touch screen
  • Rich menu with 80 drinks and shots
  • Alcohol dispenser
  • Function of changing drink sizes
  • Quick cleaning function
  • Glass sensor
  • Drink counter
  • Language versions Polish, English, German
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  • barmix express
  • barmix express

4980 $

net price
The price for the Barmix device is dependent on the currency exchange rate. Ask the advisor for details.

With Barmix Express, you gain:

The speed of preparing a drink by Barmix averages 8 seconds
Minimization of errors. Barmix reduces the risk of errors related to manual ingredient dosing
Savings on additional employment – the professional bartender is called Barmix
A simple equation of perfect drinks and your profit: fixed proportions = fixed margin + fixed quality
Easy operation, which will relieve your employees
Modernity, which will be boasted about by guests in their social media
Faultlessness, which will make guests want to have fun almost endlessly
Door to Door service, thanks to which your Barmix will withstand any event
Ease of cleaning, to have at least a moment of rest at the end of the event
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Our clients' stories

Automatyczny barman Barmix stale poszerza grono zadowolonych klientów. Dzielimy się z Wami uśmiechniętymi twarzami tych, którzy postanowili zainwestować i wprowadzić dodatkową atrakcję do swojego menu oraz chcieli znacząco zwiększyć swoje przychody. Ich uśmiechy to czysta radość – bez dodatków.

„I didn't think that adding drinks to the menu could be so easy."„

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The restaurant "Nad Rudą" was born from the dreams of the owner, Mr. Julian Zieliński, who is a trained educator but always wanted to create a place with delicious homemade cuisine based on seasonal ingredients and Silesian traditions. The restaurant's popularity is aided by the proximity to picturesque cycling routes that pass through Kuźnia Raciborska, […]
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Barmix in the Media

  • "Barmix - the most interesting attraction for a wedding?"

    Dominika, who created 'Mówię o Ślubie' ('I Talk About Weddings'), had a conversation at the end of 2021 with Sebastian Składny - CEO of Barmix Sp. z o.o. It was streamed live on Instagram and YouTube, among others. During the conversation, questions were asked about the unique update of our automatic bartender, which over the years has grown incredibly and gained popularity in the wedding and event industry. Viewers could ask questions about the operation of the device, rental rules, or the offered drinks. MoŚ defined Barmix as a modern attraction that will undoubtedly be great for both small and large weddings.
  • "Barmix - Automatic bartender for a wedding"

    'Mówię o Ślubie' is a YouTube channel that is extremely popular among young couples and wedding planners. During the Wedding Fairs organized in the south of Poland, Dominika - the founder of MoŚ talked with our Barmix Partner about using the automatic bartender as a modern wedding attraction, and also had the opportunity to independently make and try drinks from Barmix.
  • "Bartender without social security contributions? Is it possible?"

    The ABC Restaurant portal looked at Barmix from the employer's perspective, who is looking for a bartender for their premises. According to the portal, our automatic bartender will do excellent in this role. It fits perfectly into the progressive automation in the catering industry. The drinks he serves at an express pace consistently have a high quality. Undoubtedly, it allows you to stand out from the competition and attract new guests. It improves the operation of the premises, and consequently increases profits, you do not have to pay social security contributions for it, and it is ready to work 24 hours a day. It's an employee for the 21st century!
  • "Bar, Barmix - Automatic Bartender or maybe a professional bartender for a wedding?"

    The wedding-themed portal 'Ślub Na Głowie' ('Wedding On The Brain') created a list of bartender attractions for a wedding. It compared a traditional self-service bar, with a professional bartender and Barmix. Our drinks machine compared very favorably against the other competitors. The advantages of Barmix included the speed of serving drinks, the presence of popular cocktails in the menu, rental costs, and uninterrupted work throughout the night, which is a huge asset in the case of weddings.

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    About us

    Drinks with a teacher? Well, that's a significant part of my story and the Barmix story, but let's start from the beginning… The inspiration to create the automatic bartender Barmix was my university lecturer. No, no! I didn't go to the academic pub with him. The teacher proposed creating a simple-to-use drink machine that would prepare high-quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The idea electrified and captivated me incredibly. It was not only an interesting challenge for me, but it also became a chance to create a business and do in life what interests me most – giving people reasons to smile.

    So I set to work and took small steps forward. Eventually, I created Barmix, which became my diploma work. I presented it before the examiners. Right after the presentation, the first customers approached me. Were they lecturers? Maybe I will tell more about this one day.

    Unexpectedly, the circle of interested parties began to grow significantly, so I set up a company to be able to work at full speed. Lots of positive customer reviews and numerous collaborations have allowed Barmix to develop and modernize the event and catering industry. Today, we develop and update our models to be more innovative and modern and provide recipients with higher quality.

    Sebastian Składny, CEO Barmix

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